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My Name Is C. Padovan

I have been involved as a heavy metal poisoning survivor, researcher, investigator and consultant since 2016. Because of what I learned about a new way of chronic heavy metal poisoning that the criminally minded are using, I knew I needed to educate public and private sectors globally of the importance of understanding the symptoms and illnesses created from this type of poisoning, so my company Paladina International created a new website called .  

Why educate globally? 

Because this potentially affects every single human, animal, and plant life on our planet.  So far, I have interviewed law enforcement, medical staff, victims, survivors and their loved ones around the U.S.A.  All interviewed poison survivors were involved in criminal and/or civil court cases specifically on one or more types of heavy metal poisonings.  Most knew exactly who their suspects were.  Many were frustrated at law enforcement's disinterest or lack of expertise in resolving the crimes, even with proven forensics and hard evidence.  I found in some cases where a high profile individual or government entity was involved, law enforcement was told not to prosecute those suspects.  I also found there was a huge disconnect from lack of education on current toxicology and forensic testing methods with almost everyone in the medical and veterinary fields.  These doctors and veterinarians actually caused more harm to criminal cases by denying that hair and fur can be tested to reveal heavy metal toxicity in its victims, thus negatively affecting a victim's case.  

So this new branch of my company is looking to accomplish the following:

  1. Provide a resource for anyone wishing to understand chronic and acute heavy metal poisoning and its long term effects on the body.  

  2. Provide a resource for anyone wanting accurate testing, evaluation and consultation on what to do if they are shown to have high metal toxicity in their body; what to do to detoxify safely; what medications and supplements can safely be taken to mitigate symptoms while recovering and what to do to make sure they stay safe from further harm. 

  3. Educate survivors wishing to pursue a criminal or civil case and the best way to do this.

  4. Provide educational webinars, seminars and YouTube videos on different types of poisoning, how to discern if you could be a victim of poisoning, how to detox naturally, etc.

  5. Train more people globally so information on the criminal use of nano technology in hiding poisoning is understood and why only certain testing methods can uncover the elements under nano coating.

 Feel free to call 1-888-307-6780  or write to us below for a personal consult on your unique situation and how we can help you.


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Paladina International
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Step 1.

Initial Consultation


Step 2.

Diagnose Symptoms


Step 3.



Step 4.

Results & Analysis


Step 5.



Step 6.



Step 7.



Step 8.



Step 9.

Long Term Care


Heavy Metal Poison Center

Heavy metals, also known as toxic metals, can be potentially harmful to people and animals. Anyone suspected of heavy metal poisoning will be required to undergo testing to check for elevated levels of metals in their body. Heavy Metal Poison Center is a trusted facility for all forms of toxic metal testing including state of the art forensic testing. The facility has recently launched its new website, making it easier for anyone needing this information to access its services more conveniently.

Wider Range of Heavy Metals Testing Services

A typical Heavy Metal Toxicity test at the facility measures multiple heavy metals in a test sample. The facility provides a wide range of testing services. When enquired about their services, the center’s spokesperson exclaimed, “We conduct a wide range of tests for our clients that include healthcare practitioners in different fields, including medical and forensics, in both civic and public sectors. Our services span areas including blood poisoning, toxicogenomics, enzynomics, food poisoning, proteinomics, and chemical genomics among others.”

Heavy metal poisoning tests are conducted mainly using blood, urine, hair, and fingernail samples. Fur can also be used to test animals. Civilians and professionals can order these tests when an individual or pet shows relevant symptoms or has undergone exposure to toxic metals. It is also part of the standard screening process for young children in certain locations.

The Need for Heavy Metal Testing

Toxic metal buildup may occur over a short or long period of time and can be from an accidental, environmental or intentional source. Testing is the only way to confirm unhealthy exposure. There are many causes of exposure, with acute metal ingestion being one of the more common ones. “We conduct testing in different contexts. This includes screening, monitoring, and diagnosis related to toxic metal poisoning,” the spokesperson claimed.

“We perform these tests in many scenarios. Deciding on the metals to test for and the type of test samples to use will depend on the nature of the symptoms or potential exposure. When someone is exposed to toxic metals, their doctor may work independently or along with the local poison control authorities to identify and eliminate the source of the exposure,” the spokesperson further added. If an individual does not know a doctor to work with, this Center can provide assistance.

The OSHA oversees the regulations related to workplace exposure. This requires employees to be tested if they are suspected of exposure to heavy metals at the workplace. Heavy metal exposure has been linked to an increased risk of cancer and other short-term and long-term health complications.

For more information about Heavy Metal Poison Center, its new website, and its range of services, it is recommended to contact its representative.


Heavy metal poisoning can happen when you’re exposed to a lot of certain types of metals. Acute or chronic, long term poisoning makes you sick and affects the way your body works.

The poisoning can happen if you eat or drink something tainted with heavy metals or if you breathe in contaminated dust or fumes. The poisoning can also be hidden by nano technology (see Testing for more info).

Accidental or environmental exposure exist, but increasing incidents of intentional poisoning are occurring as more people find resources via chemical labs, semi-conductor companies and internet (i.e. Dark Web) resources. 

Common symptoms include - click here for more details:

You may also have: - click here for more details:



Acute toxicity is generally thought of as a single, short-term exposure where effects appear immediately and are often reversible. More

Natural Ways to Detox from Heavy Metals

  • Drink Bay Leaf water* (click here for recipe)
  • Take Glutathione capsules (500 mg per capsule) daily*
  • Take turmeric ginger capsules to ease inflammation
  • Eat plain avocado or made as guacamole
  • Avoid alcohol made with sulfites or preservatives for now
  • Avoid dairy, gluten and foods with nitrates and other processed chemicals
  • Avoid acidic and spicy foods (tomatoes, grapefruit as examples)
  • Drink purified water
    *Call 1-888-307-6780 on getting a consultation to customize a detox plan based on your situation


Subsequently, the federal government passed a number of laws, created regulations, and proposed other controls and management of poisoning for businesses. However, those controls cannot stop mental ill or criminally minded individuals from finding and using poisons against people and animals.

If you personally feel you are experiencing or seeing intentional poisoning by one or more individuals, or feel there are unsafe work conditions creating symptoms of toxicity, it is best to get positive lab results and the backup analysis of those lab results by a certified or licensed toxicologist or chemistry lab technician before meeting with local authorities.

See Testing for recommended labs which provide forensic level testing for use by civilians and law enforcement.



The recently published Global Burden of Disease Study (GBD) showed that worldwide, unintentional or accidental poisoning was responsible for an estimated 180,000 deaths in 2010. This translates into a mortality rate of 2.6 per 100,000 inhabitants, making poisoning a top 50 cause of death.

Poisoning is also responsible for a significant proportion of intentional injuries worldwide. It may also be a deliberate attempt to commit murder or suicide.

Poisoning may be used to disable a person (for example, to rape or rob them) or murder them for monetary or personal gain. In some cases, parents with a psychiatric disorder poison their children to cause illness and thus gain medical attention (a disorder called factitious disorder imposed on another).



Industrial toxicology is the study of the harmful effects on humans by chemicals used in the workplace, the products produced by companies, and the wastes created in manufacturing.


Proteomics is the large-scale study of proteins. Proteins are vital parts of living organisms, with many functions. The proteome is the entire set of proteins produced or modified by an organism or system. Proteomics enables the identification of ever-increasing numbers of proteins.


Global Supplier of enzymes, experiment kits & cloning kits for enzymes | Enzynomics · The premium partner in biotechnology


Toxicogenomics is a branch of toxicology which applies several genomic analysis techniques to determine how chemicals, both environmental and pharmaceutical agents, react on human and ecological health.

Animal Poison Testing

Testing Services

Human Poison Testing

Testing Services

COVID-19 Info - Read More

FLU Info - Read More

Basic Poison Info - Read More














Hello Christine,

I hope you are doing well.

Thank you very much for your email.

Yes, in fact there was a higher vaginal infection. I've never been sexually active & I don't use tampons so I know this was caused by the C19 drug. My health care provider put me on two different antibiotics. One was for a low-grade UTI & the next was for the higher vaginal infection. I had white blood cells & traces of blood in my urine even while not on my period. I'm guessing the vaginal infection spread to my urinary bladder because I had it for about 2 years.

I felt an immediate difference with the very first period I had right after being on antibiotics. It was still too bloody & 11-days long but not as painful. It had usually been 14-days long, two years after the C19 drug. Initially it crept up from 7-days, to 11-days, & then 14-days because of the shot. I'm thankful my menses are slowly starting to change. I look forward to having near-normal periods again.

I bought the supplements you put together with your toxicologist. They are helping me. I feel more energetic & I'm slowly beginning to feel less pain in my joints & muscles. The Bay Leaf water is great. I have at least 3 cups of it every day.

I called Fastest Labs twice & they're still not taking medical insurance. Each time, someone took down my name & phone number & said they would call me back. It's been about two weeks & I haven't heard from them. They sound like very nice people & must be very busy.

I really wish a journalist could publish the information you provide so more people could have access to it & improve their health. I'm guessing they only want to hear from people with an MD or DO after their name. I really think not all doctors know best about illnesses. Often times, the person with the illness knows more than the doctor because that person has to live with that illness daily.

Anyhow, I want to thank you very much for taking the time out of your day to help me find answers to what has been happening & why my health took a sudden dive even while I was a broccoli-eating gym rat. Usually, people who go to the gym for 1.5 hours, 4 days a week don't suddenly develop the health problems I had. Except for me. You're helping me get my great health back.

I'm wondering if there is any other information I should know. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

I hope you are doing well & that more people who have problems because of the C19 drug can find your information on Rumble, buy your book & regain their health.

Thank you very much Christine!

Ana Saucedo

Christine Bernat 🦋EFT Coach, Montreal Canada
Christine is a wealth of information when it comes to toxins and detoxing!

Christine knows from personal experience about detoxing in a few simple steps.
✅She’s on a mission to have all doctors give the toxin tests as part of the discovery to what is causing the symptoms often severe symptoms in their patients.

The heavy metals/toxins prevent our neurones from connecting properly and our body starts to « shut down » in a way. The consequences are often referred to as incurable diseases.

I have personally used her detox strategy as well as my dad and our brains are functioning better!!

My dad’s memory was going down quite quickly and by summer of 2022 he was always wondering what he was up to or what he was on his way to look for! By November 2022 taking the product Christine recommended, his memory started coming back to the point now that he gets things done, remembers where he’s going most of the time and can go for walks outside and find his way home :) what a relief!

So grateful I met you Christine and love doing monthly events with you!!
Christine Bernat 🦋

Bob Burtis · 1stFirst degree connection
RAB Media Finance Equipment Financing January 6, 2023, Bob was Christine’s client
I have had the opportunity of working with Christine in different capacities over three decades. She is always professional and several steps ahead of her peers.

  •  We stayed in touch and found we were both faced with caring for immune compromised individuals during the peak of the Covid crisis. Christine provided valuable insight with regard to natural virus protection with glutathione. Very important; it also worked great as a liver and kidney detoxification.
    Highly recommend.

Peter van Moergastel· 1stFirst degree connection
Project engineer WTB/Piping at Kojo Engineering, The Netherlands January 9, 2023, Peter van was Christine’s client

  • Her advice on detoxing is very valuable and up-to-date.


Contact Us

Paladina International
3564 Avalon Park E. Blvd.
Suite 1, Unit A729
Orlando, FL 32828

Toll Free: 1-888-307-6780

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COVID-19 Info Summary

11 Extra Steps Chronic Illness Patients Should Take to Stay Safe from COVID-19 during Winter -



Flu Info Summary

The flu (influenza) is a contagious viral infection of the nose, throat and lungs (respiratory infection). If you have heart disease, it's important to take steps to protect yourself against the flu. Complications from the flu are more likely in people with heart disease. Important info on flu shots


Basic Poison Info Summary

A poison is any substance that is harmful to your body. You might swallow it, inhale it, inject it, or absorb it through your skin. Any substance can be poisonous if too much is taken. Poisons can include:

  • Prescription or over-the-counter medicines taken in doses that are too high
  • Overdoses of illegal drugs
  • Carbon monoxide from gas appliances
  • Household products, such as laundry powder or furniture polish
  • Pesticides
  • Indoor or outdoor plants
  • Metals such as lead and mercury

The effects of poisoning range from short-term illness to brain damage, coma, and death. To prevent poisoning, it is important to use and store products exactly as their labels say. Keep dangerous products where children can't get to them. Treatment for poisoning depends on the type of poison. Your local Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 can help with 'standard' poisoning situations as noted above.

If you work with heavy metals or suspect heavy metal poisoning is occurring to you or someone you know, please call us at 1-888-307-6780 for more information on special testing and treatment. Poison Control Centers currently do not have up to date knowledge on chronic and acute heavy metal poisoning.



The degree to which a substance (a toxin or poison) can harm humans or animals. Acute toxicity involves

harmful effects in an organism through a single or short-term exposure. Subchronic toxicity is the ability of a toxic

substance to cause effects for more than one year but less than the lifetime of the exposed organism. Chronic

toxicity is the ability of a substance or mixture of substances to cause harmful effects over an extended period,

usually upon repeated or continuous exposure, sometimes lasting for the entire life of the exposed organism.



Common symptoms include:

Feel confused
Weakness and tiredness.
Feeling numb
Feel sick and throw up
Pass out


You may also have: